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Friday March 2nd 11:30am

Ira Chasnoff Moment to Moment Documentary
Chuck Hagele Raising Kids Who Are Vulnerable To The Dark Side Of The Internet
Mike and Kristin Berry Why Traditional Parenting Does Not Work With Kids From Traumatic Places
Alise Hegle Shattered Love: A Birth Parent Perspective from Trauma to Love
Jamie C Finn If Only For A Little While: A Foster Parent’s Role in Creating & Implementing Transition Plans
Molly Ford Don’t just survive – thrive as a single parent!!
Dr.David and Jayne Schooler Understanding the Dynamic Connection between Emotional and Spiritual Health, Part 1
Carrie Blaske Play Therapy Open House
Leticia Brooks Ethnic Hair Care


Friday March 2nd 2:00 pm

Ira Chasnoff Open Discussion on Challenges Facing Teens with FASD
Mike and Kristin Berry How To Form A Healthy Partnership With Your Child’s School.
Dr.David and Jayne Schooler Recognizing the Need behind the Behavior: Trauma and the Impact on the Brain
Yvonne Swinth Strategies to Support Executive Functioning in the Home, School and Community
Melissa Kugler 5 Ways You Can Support Birth Parents… Even The Difficult Ones
Dan and Kathleen Hamer Hope For The Really, Really, Reeeeally Hard Kids
Molly Ford Taking Care of Me
Kim Peterson Addressing Identity Issues And Challenges For Adoptees
Jenn Ranter Me Too Groups lunch and Leader Equipping


Friday March 2nd 3:15 pm

Ira Chasnoff Cause and Consequence: Behavioral & Educational Interventions for Kids with Prenatal Substance Exposure
Jamie C Finn Foster Care & Adoption In Light of Eternity
Daren Jones Creating Healing Connections
Yvonne Swinth How Do I parent The Spinning, Running, Bumping Child?
Maria Hansen-Quine Fostering Positive Identity In Medically Fragile Kids
Ruth Graham Parenting Children With Sexualized Behaviors
Ed McDowell Bonding Is A Bonus
Chuck Hagele and Tamara Bolthouse When Home Is No Longer An Option For My child
David and Jayne Schooler Understanding the Connection Between Emotional and Spiritual Health Part 2


Saturday March 3rd 8:30 am

Lisa Qualls Courage, Dear Heart- Mom’s Early Morning Gathering
Jeff Summers Dad’s, Dudes, And Donuts


Saturday March 3rd 11:30 am

Jenn Ranter Addressing Self Harm
Lisa Qualls Giving Voice To Siblings – PANEL
Lynne Hartman Neuropsychological Assessment and Attachment
Daren Jones Empowering Our Kids to Succeed
Andrew Schneidler        Calling All Dads
Carrie Blaske Play Therapy Open House
Lindsey Eklund Infertility
Angela Tucker Transracial Adoption
Lisa Barnes Be Brave – Fostering Positive Identity in Teen girls

Saturday March 3rd 2:00 pm

Mike and Kristin Berry How To Create And Maintain A Safety Plan In Your Home.
Carrie Blaske Calm Down Skills For The Whole Family
Daren Jones Trauma and Traumawise Care
Dr.David and Jayne Schooler Impact of Adoption and Foster Care on Biological or Other Permanent Children
Jenn Ranter Oppositional Defiance Disorder
Andrew and Michele Schneidler Considering Another Placement?
Jeff and Jen Summers Relationship Care – Where To Start
SanDeep Thomas What I Wish You Knew – Panel
Dena Johnson Open Adoption Triad


Saturday March 3rd 3:15 pm

Mike and Kristin Berry Talking To Our Kids About The Hard Parts Of Their Story
Daren Jones Shaping Our Kids’ Behavior
Dr.David and Jayne Schooler Why are Teen Years So Hard For Us?
Yvonne Swinth How Do We Play? Building Play Routines in the Home
Carrie O’Toole Surviving A Disrupted Placement
Jeff and Jen Summers Building A Plan To Strengthen Your Marriage
Dena Johnson Recognizing Our Own Triggers And Unhealthy Coping Skills
Barb Blakely Transitioning Special Needs Children Into Adulthood