Seattle Refresh 2018 Speaker Information page:


This is a page with items for you to review and sign as well as active links embedded for your convenience to access as often as you need as we all approach Refresh 2018.


Our team has registered you and one guest. No need for you to use the online registration. One speaker badge and one guest badge for Thursday Preconference and Conference will be provided to you.

Personalized Speaker Packet: Upon arrival, you will be given your personalized speaker packet with information about the speaker room, your session(s) and contact information for needs you may have during your time at Refresh. This packet can be picked up at the main entrance of Overlake Christian church


The Marriott at Redmond Town center is the preferred speaker hotel. You may use the link below to get to the group discounts we have arranged for Refresh 2018. Please note that any of the hotels on the provided link are close to the facility.

Speakers are responsible to book their own hotel arrangements.

Hotels & Accomodations

Professional CE registration:

We do offer continuing education credits (CE) for the Refresh workshops that you attend during the conference. This is an additional cost and you should be able to buy at the conference site in bookstore. More details and info here:

Meals and Snacks

Your lunches and snacks are provided for you during the conference.
Dinner options are plenty around the area and will be on your own. We suggest connecting and networking during dinner.
Saturday after the conference we are hosting a Post conference speaker, Refresh team dinner. Please use this link to RSVP. This is honestly one of the highlights of the conference. We get to gather, eat, and share all of the moments of Refresh that God pulled us into during the conference.


We love our attendees to go home with access to the resource lists and handouts that you may have for your session(s) Due to the size of Refresh, we are unable to provide copies for sessions. In 2017, we launched an interactive Refresh Web App that we will be using again this year with improvements and some changes from our first year.

Please send digital copies in PDF form to by January 15th. Your handouts will be made available to conference attendees PRIOR to the conference so they can choose to print at home or use digital note taking options.

Please Provide Session Title and day and time of session for quick reference.


Along with your handouts, if you want provide the attendees with additional links to websites, books or other resources for the session that we can upload on the app. Provide session title and resource link

Please include the links here:
Resource links: ADD FORM

Bio and Headshots

We enjoy letting our attendees time to look at the online program prior to Refresh so they can get to know a bit about you and your session. If you have not provided your head shot or bio yet, PLEASE  upload your headshot here: Send you bio to If already done, ignore.

You should be able to upload the image without any sign-in requirements to Dropbox. If you are having issues, send an email with a jpg headshot photo to subject line: your name-headshot.

Refresh branded slides

Please note that our team will provide access to Refresh Branded power point slides for general speakers. These are Optional for breakout speaker, but available for you to use if desired.

These will be provided by Feb 15th by Refresh team.

  • Upload Your Bio

  • Upload your headshot

  • Drop files here or
  • Resource Fair

Resource Fair

Refresh conference is designed for foster/adoptive caregivers and our hope is that these caregivers have access to the right post placement resources for them to take care of the children in their care. We prefer resource participants who emphasize free or low-cost post-adoption/placement support for a wide range of families.

For the purpose, we have a Resource Fair on Saturday, March 3rd from 11am -2pm, where you share with other resource providers to showcase the post-placement services that your organization/ministry provides. The intent is to help families find quality and appropriate resources for their families and is not intended to sell services, or market your organization. The display/content need to be related to resources only, and are not meant to sell items. We want Refresh participants to find the right resources and help as they take care of children from hard places.

If your ministry or organization meets these criteria and is interested in participating at the Resource fair on Saturday during Refresh Conference, please provide us with the following information:
Contact Name: ______________________________________
Contact email/ph: ___________________________________
Organization: _______________________________________
Post placement resources provided by your organization(that you want to present at Refresh): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If your session is during the Resource fair time of 11am-2pm, please make sure that someone else from your organization can man the table and be there to answer attendee questions.